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My Quickie Walgreens Trip


So I realized this morning that I needed some breakfast things.
And I have a few coupons for the Gillette Fusion Power Razor,
so I went to Walgreens and got the razor so I could get theRegister Rewards
and roll them over for the other items.  Making my total out of pocket $6.12.   
Below is how I did it.  

Transaction 1

Gillette Fusion Power Razor-$9.89
-$4 coupon 
+ received $5 RR

Transaction 2

Act II Popcorn- .75¢
Total- $5.23
OOP-.23¢ & $5 RR


TOTAL- $48.90
I PAID-$1.12

8 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs- $1.99x 8=$15.92
2- Safeway coupons-.99¢ each
4-$1/2 coupons +doublers

5 Zone bars-$1x5=$5
1-$1 off coupon
4-.55¢ off + doublers 

I PAID-$1.12

8 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs-.88¢x$7.04
4-$1/2 +doublers

6 Oscar Mayer Sub Sandwichs-$3.49x6=$20.94
Discount price-.99¢ each
6-$1 off coupon 

I PAID- $0
SAVINGS $27.98

I got very lucky on this one.  I was actually a day late for the .88¢ deal
but the manager happened to be standing right there and he ok'd for 
me to get them at the sale price! WOO-HOO! 

Tuesday's Albertsons Trip


I ran in to Albertsons Tuesday night real quick to grab a couple
more of the Doubler deals.  They finally had a few of 
 the Rhodes Warm n' Serve rolls left.  Here is how my deal went.

5 Rhodes Warm n' Serve Rolls- $2x5=$10
5- $1 off + doublers= 5/FREE

2 Kraft Dressing-2/$3
1-$1/2 +doubler= 2/$1

2 Hormel Pork Loin-$4.50x2=$9
2-$1 off + Doublers= 2/$5

1 Darigold Sour Cream-$1.79
1-.40¢ +doubler=.99¢

2 Whole Chicken-$2.50x2=$5


3 Stride Gum- .75¢x3=$2.25
1-.50¢/2 Walgreens coupon +
1-$1.50/3 manufactured coupon=$1.25

Freebies From Albertsons~


9 bx. Pasta-$1x9=$9
9-$1 off coupons + doublers=9/FREE

4 bttls  Kikkoman-$1.99
4-$1 off coupons+doublers=4/FREE
Cottenelle Flushables- $3.99
1 FREE coupon 

This was $20.95 
after coupons & sales I was able 
to get it all for FREE

My Albertsons Deal 


I Paid- $5.14

12 bx. Pasta- $1=$12
12 -$1 off coupon +doublers= 12/FREE

2 AirWick Air Fresheners-.99¢=$1.98
-$1/2 +doubler = 2/FREE

2 Emerald Breakfast To Go-$1.99=$3.98
2-$1 off coupon +doublers= 2/FREE

4 Ortega Jalepenos-$1.29=$5.16
2-$1/2 coupon +doublers= 4/$1.16

2 bx. Temptation Jello-$2.99=$5.98
2-$1 off coupon +doublers=$1.98

4 Kraft Dressing-2/$3
2-$1/2 coupon +doublers=4/$2


SAVED- $27.96

WOO-HOO!  I am pretty happy with today's score.
They were completing out of the Rhodes Warm n' Serve
rolls, (at 6:45am).  But I will be going back to get 8 off 
those and also 10 more Kraft Dressing.  I should be able 
to get all that for $5 after coupons & doublers!

My Winco Deal~


Before coupons- $36.35

After coupons & sales- $17.74

Total Savings-$18.61

How I did it:

2 Nalley Elite Pickles 46oz.-$2.48x2=$4.96
-$1.50 off coupon x2=2/$1.96

-.50¢ off coupon=.86¢

Precious Cheese Stick-$3.48
-$1 off coupon=$2.48

Hormel Pork Loin-$5.73
-$1 off coupon=$4.73

6 Power Bars-$1.39x6=$8.34
BOGO FREE coupon x3=6/$4.17

Lay's Kettle Chips-$2.48
(B1G1 FREE coupon)
Buy 1 chips get 1 liter Sierra mist FREE

6 Stayfree Pantiliners-.99¢x6=$5.94
-$1 off coupon x6=6/FREE

6 can Green Giant Vegi's-3/$2
sale .49¢x6=2/$2.94

I did this at Winco, with the exception of the 
last 2 items I picked up at Walgreens.

My Albertsons Deal 



I Paid-$3.66

Saved- $12.31

I ran back into Albertsons really quick today
and grabbed a few more things.

3 Kikkoman's Soy Sauce-$1.99x3=$5.97
3-$1 off coupon, & $1 off coupon  + doubler=3/FREE

2 Ronzoni Pasta-$1.79x2=$3.68
2-$1 off coupon + doubler=2/FREE

1 Wheat Thins Stix-$2.50
-$1 off coupon + doubler= .50¢

8 Whiskas Cat Food-.70¢x8=$6.32
4 BOGO FREE coupon=$3.16

I am pretty happy with this deal also.
Today I also bought 2 more Kraft Mayo
& 1 more Kikkoman's & 6 more Whiskas
that I spent a total of $4.37 on.

I will not have to get Mayo or Soy Sauce for a while.
The cat is also set for a while.  I will go back again
tomorrow to get in on the last day of double ups!

My Albertsons Deal 



I Paid-$18.82


Here is how I did it:

5 Razoni Pasta-$1.79=$8.95
5 -$1 off coupon + doubler=5/FREE

6 Mayo-$2.50=$15.00, (1 is not in pic)
6 -.75¢ off coupon + doubler= 6/$6

1 Jose Taquitos-$4.59
-$1 off coupon + doubler= $2.59

1 DiGiorno  Pizza=$7.89
-$1.25 off coupon +doubler= $4.64

2 Hormel Compleats=2/$4
2 -.50¢ + doubler= 2/$1.80

2 Pork Loin $10.99-BOGO FREE sale
-$1 off coupon + doubler=2/$8.99

+ I had $3 in catalina coupons
+ 10% off coupon from my Entertainment Book!

I am pretty happy with my savings yesterday! 
I am going back today and stocking up on some other
great deals going on at Albertsons right now!

Have you ever noticed how the right cashier can make
all the difference on how your shopping trip goes!
Believe I have had that cashier that seems a bit 
put out that I am there.  Then when I pull out my hand
full of coupons-I sometimes feel as if I have just ruined their
whole day!

Well luckily yesterday I did not experience that-
I had a cashier that I will look for from now on 
when I go shopping at my local Albertsons!
She was very nice and very helpful-Thank You!

My Shopping Trip 


My shopping trip on 4/13-

$1x 2 Express Salad =$2
$1x 2 bx Pasta Roni=$2
$5.56x 8 cans Alpo Dog Food=$2.76
$6.32x 8 trays Whiska Cat Food=$3.16
$1x 1 McCormick Pepper=$1
.79¢x 3 bttles Gatorade= $2.37
$1x 4bttles Fuzz=$4
$2.54x 1 Cooking Philidelphia Cream Cheese=$2.45


Express Salad  -.50¢+doubler=FREE (used 2)
Pasta Roni  -$1/2=$1
8 Cans Alpo  -BOGO FREE=$2.76 (used 4)
8 trays Whiska -BOGO FREE=$3.16 (used 4)
1 Pepper -$1=FREE
3 Gatorade -$1.50/3+doubler=.37¢
4bttle Fuzz  -$1/2 +1doubler=$1.50 (used 2)
Cream Cheese  -$1.50=.95¢


Savings of $15.96
I feel I did o.k.-not great.
I will be posting more of these trips as I rebuild my 
very dwindling stockpile.                                                                                                 

My Albertsons Deal



Another great day at Albertsons

I paid $11.18
Was $34.51
Savings $23.33

2-Mozeralla Cheese 8oz. -$5.69 each
5- Bacon-$1.98 each (Winco Price)
2-Ranch Dressing- $2 each
2-Oscar Meyer Hotdogs-
Pasta- $1.25

Mozeralla Cheese-.99¢ x2=$1.98
Bacon-.99¢ x5=$4.95
(Both must sell prices)
Ranch Dressing $1 off coupon +double=2/$1
Hotdogs- $1 off coupon + double=2/$3
Pasta- .50¢ +double up =.25¢

Was $115 I paid less then $45 - Find out how!


I did pretty good yesterday when I went shopping,
I was able to get all of this for only $42.95 OOP + $5RR
It was $115.40 before sales/coupons.
That is a savings of $72.45

This is a combination of all the stores that I went to.


Fusion Razor- $9.99
$4 off coupon + $5 RR

2 Mementos- .99¢
.39¢ In-Ad coupon

3 Pudding-.78¢ (Winco Price)
.59¢ In-Ad Coupon
.55¢ off 3 coupon


4 Whole Chickens-$5.40 (a few ¢ difference on each)
$3 off each must sell price

2 lbs. Land-O-Frost Lunch Meat-$3.49
.99¢ each must sell price

2lbs. Links Sausage-$2.99
.99¢ must sell price

2 Pork Roasts-$5.47 & $6.37
$3 off must sell price

LaChoy Sauce-$1.69
$1 off coupon
+double up

A1 Sauce-$3.20
$1 off sale price
$1 off coupon
+double up

18ct Eggs-$2.09 (Winco Price)
$1.99 sale price

$1 off coupon
+double up


6 Bx Gushers-$2.99
.99¢ In-Ad coupon
.50¢ off 2 coupon (use 3)
+double up (use 2)
(my double up was only good on 2)

2 Nature Valley Granola Bars-$2.49
$1.77 In-Ad coupon
.75¢ off 2 coupon
+ double up

English Muffins 10 ct.-$2.39
$1.49 sale price

2 Tortina Pizza-2/$3
.75¢ off 2 coupon
+double up


FREE coupon (off line)

6 Cesar Dog Food-.70¢ 
B3G1 FREE coupon
B1G1 FREE coupon

2 44oz. Malt-O-Meal-$2.48
$2 off 2 coupon

That was my day- I am going back today to grab a few more things at 
Albertsons.  They have the double up coupon deal until 2/8.
I did notice that they do not have their ad paper on the costumer service
counter like they usually do, you have to ask for it.

I would love to know how you did- 
Please leave a comment on how your shopping trip went.

Check out my under $5 deal!


Oooppss- kitty not included 

~~My Under $5 Deal~~

$1 off coupon (used 2)
+double up (used 2)
Final Price-2/$2

Sierra Mist-.88¢ +dep.
.50¢ off coupon
+double up
Final Price-overage .07¢


Malt-O-Meal 44oz-$2.48
$2 off 2 coupon
Final Price 2/$2.48

Going back today and doing the same thing all over today!
My plan is to divide the cereals up and put them in the 
big zip-lock baggies and stock up our RV.  We always have 
kids, grandkids and their friends in tow when we go Rv-ing
So this should take care of our "camp-time" breakfasts for quite a while! 


My Albertsons deal


5 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes-$1.49
2 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes-.99¢
2 Betty Crocker Frosting-$1.49
1 Squeezeable Butter-$2.29
(forget to put it in pic)

Total $14.70

-$5 Instant WYB10 Promo
.40¢/1 coupon for cookies x5
.75¢ off Cake & Frosting WYB together x2
+3 double coupons

Final Price $3.80

SWEET- That should take care of my Holiday cookies!
Plus I will add the cakes to my stock up pile & that should
get me through all of the grandkids birthdays next year!!
I love those "stocking up" prices!!


My Albertsons Deal


Banquet Fruti Pies-.98¢ x2
.35¢/2 coupon from 10/15 SS
+2 double up coupon
Final Price-.56¢

Rozoni Pasta-$1.99
$1 off printable coupon
+double up coupon
Final Price-FREE

Guerrerro Toritillas-$1.29
$1 off printable coupon
Final Price .29¢

These 3 items were all FREE because of the coupons I received from last
weeks shopping trip.
5lb. Flour-$2.99
1lb Butter-$2.49
1dz Large Eggs$1.99

Total Savings-$14.86

Final Price .85¢
(The Ecotrin & the Onions came from Walgreens for .45¢)
 Grand total $1.30


$5 off 10 product promo

3 bx Cereal-$2.49
6 Jars Gravy-$1.29
3 Lt. Pop-$1.29
8 Cans Vegi's-.89¢
1lb. Coffee-$8.50
Lunch Meat-$3.49
2 Lunchables-$3.99


-$10 Promo
-$1/3 cereal coupon
-$1/3 gravy coupon x2
-3 double up coupons
Clearance Sale
-$6 on coffee
-$2.50 on lunch meat
-$6 on lunchables


Final Price-$10.87

Plus I received 3 great FREEBIE coupons back-
FREE-1 Dozen Eggs
FREE-5lb Bag Flour
FREE-1lb. Butter

Plus another bonus on the gravy labels there are $1/2 coupons-so you can take those plus more double up coupons for FREE jars of gravy!!!

WOW pretty great deal!!


1 Gallon of milk-FREE with a Register Reward

1 Pair of swim trunks-$1
1 Tshirt-$1
2 Notebooks-.50¢ each
1 Bottle Sunscreen- .25¢
1 pk. mechanical pencils-.50¢
Total-$3.75 for all of this!

Today is a good day to get over to Walmart in Springfield-they have TShirts, Swim Trunks all sizes for $1.
Of course Halloween decorations are all 50% off.  Also they have left over school supplies that are at  great stock up prices!  


I paid $6.48 OOP

I seem to have misplaced my reciept so I can not tell you what the
original prices of these items are.  But I can tell you what the sale
prices are and how I combined my coupons with the sales and only
paid $6.48 for everything.

Rhodes Rolls-2/$5
$1 off coupon (used 2)
+ double up coupon (used 2)
Final Price-2/$1

Coffee Mate Creamier-$2.29 (sale)
.75¢ off coupon
+double up coupon
Final Price-.79¢

Febreze Noticable Warmers-2/$5
$3 off coupon
Final Price-FREE

Crest Toothpaste-$1 (sale)
.75¢ off coupon (used 3)
.50¢ off coupon (used 2)
Final Price-5/$1.75
(Double up coupons could have been used here to make them FREE-I just didn't have time to make the trips-and was still happy with .35¢ a tube)

Hamburger-$1.95 for 2lb (sale)

Sausage Links-.99¢ (sale)

Total Price-$6.48


WOW .99¢

10 Kraft Singles Cheese
2 Right Guard Deodorant
2 Gain Dish Detergent

Total before coupons & sales $40.91 
What I paid out of pocket  .99¢!!

I had some errands to run yesterday, so while I was
out I grabbed these things.  I had to go to 3 different
stores to do get everything.  But I am very lucky that
I live right in the middle of six major supermarkets and
two drug stores, no more than 7 minutes from each store. 

Fred Meyers-
  Kraft Singles Cheese...................99¢(with in-ad coupon)
$5 off 5 printable coupon (used 2)
Final Price..............10/FREE
(limit 10)

Rite Aid-
  Gain Dish .89¢
$1 off coupon from 10/10 P&G
Final Price..........................FREE

  Right Guard Deodorant...........................$3.99
Final Price............................2/.99¢

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